October 26, 2017

Marketing Help for Bloggers

As a blogger, you are balancing the demands of your online presence with the reality of your day to day life. We know that behind each beautifully styled photo is a mess of all the things you tossed out of the way to get a the perfect shot. And the important thing is THATS OK. As a blogger myself, I know that its hard!

It is hard to write a blog. It is harder to build a community and it is a downright nightmare to keep up with all the algorithm changes that impact how many people see each and every post you put up.

You don't have to go it alone.

Marketing Services for Bloggers

Website Evaluation

Is your website set up to bring you traffic from search engines and social media platforms? Does your website load quickly and look correct on mobile devices?  Are you properly telling the search engines what kind of content you write about?

Our website evaluation package takes a deep look at your website and provides feedback and recommendations for improving your online footprint.

Website Evaluation Cost: $50

SEO Keyword Selection

Understanding how to select the best keywords for your posts is the fastest way to grow your organic reach and increase the traffic coming from search engines to your website.  Selecting those keywords is a balance of science and research.

Our basic SEO Keyword selection provides you 6 keyword recommendations per month, based on the topics you plan to create.

Cost: $30 per month [min 3 month commitment]


Website Development or Improvements

Based on the results found during your website evaluation, you may wish to make improvements to the functionality of your blog to improve how search engines locate your content.

Mae Digital is your partner for improving the functionality of your existing website, installing SEO plugins and setting up Google webmaster tools. Full website designs also available on request. 

Average Cost: $500 - $750