August 23, 2017

SEO Services

Keyword Research 

Guessing at what your top customers are searching for is a hard way to establish a footprint online.

Mae Digital will research which keywords are relevant to your business  and provide recommendations for how to optimize your website for search engine success. 

Average Cost: $500 - $1000
Pricing based on size of website

On Site Optimization

The first step towards SEO success is thinking like your customer. Adding your desired keywords in a bundle at the end of a post isn't going to have the impact you hope.

Using the keywords we've identified in our Keyword Research Mae Digital will develop keyword rich content that fits the voice and tone of your brand.

Average Cost: $500 - $1000
Pricing based on size of website

Link Building Strategy

Inbound links to your website tell search engines that your business is trustworthy. For years, buying up links from across the internet could send you skyrocketing to the top of the results.

Today this tactic no longer works. You must gain real authentic links from trusted websites in your community to be successful online. We'll identify which websites you want to build relationships with and show you how to request high value links from your partners.

Average Cost: $500

Monitoring & Reporting

There are hundreds of tools and services that can help you monitor and manage your SEO, but doing so can be time consuming and confusing.

Mae Digital will monitor your competitors, keywords and internet trends to to provide monthly reports and recommendations that allow you to be strategic about your SEO efforts.

Monthly Service: $35 per month