October 25, 2017


"In 2014, I hired Annie to overhaul the SEO for my wedding photography website as I was just about to make the jump from part-time photographer to full-time.  Before meeting with Annie, I had a slight understanding of how SEO worked but didn't know how to bring it all together through every aspect in my website. 

When Annie and I met to discuss my goals for my business, she gave an in-depth and understandable summary of what SEO is and how it works in addition to mapping out the best keywords for me and how to incorporate them into blog posts, permanent pages and even the images displayed on my site.  She helped craft copy for me that fit my style and personality and almost overnight I began to see a difference in both my Google page rankings and the number of inquiries I was receiving through organic referrals.  I used to rely heavily on bridal shows, word-of-mouth referrals from friends and past clients, and ads on wedding blogs; however, after having worked with Annie, my site ranks consistently in the first three on Google for my targeted keywords.  As a result, I spend less on advertising and have peace of mind knowing that my clients can find me easily from a Google search. 

Small business owners know that time is the most important asset we have, and thanks to Annie, I am able to focus on serving my clients with the highest level of customer service instead of spending my time hustling to find clients.  Instead, they find me.  Thank you, Annie!"

Ashley Kidder
Denver Wedding Photographer

"Anne came and spoke to a group of wedding professionals and was thorough, knowledgeable, and generous with her time. She printed out an analysis of every attendee and took the time to answer all our questions on SEO throughout the evening. I highly recommend her to anyone needing help improving their ranking or wanting to know more about how SEO works."

Sarah Roshan
Sarah Roshan Photography

Denver Blogger Club Presentation
Denver Blogger Club Presentation